The Odisea Festival is a youth – driven festival that supports youths development & skill acquisition.
The word “Odisea” is the Spanish translation for the English word “Odyssey”.

Odisea stands as the _Organization of Development and Innovative Skills Exchange Act_ which entails important core values, a mission and a vision to our audience.

Our Mission

Odisea Festival’s main mission is to impact the lives of those we interact with in positive and productive ways. This should enable the community before us to be sharing the same light and insight as the Odisea Mission.

Our Vision
• To be the destination small – winter festival
• To attract a mature & responsible audience
• To be an inspiration to the next generation.

Our Core Values
• Sustainability
• Love for one another
• The power of collaboration
• Respect of the Land
• Art Enrichment and Education
• Care for Charity

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