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Interview With Tyeontemper

Hey Guys ! We have Tyeontemper here today , an upcoming trap & Rap artiste

And this is what we have for you !


Question 1: So how did you coin your stage name?


Reply : Well, dealing with my anger used to be a top piority for me and i was like this thing is a part of me but can be controlled. So i was like “thank you earth”( Tye), appreciating my self attributes but with that temper lol. So Tyeontemper.


Question 2: When did you start music?


Reply : Well, i made a rap song in my Junior secondary school 1 and i thought of going into music but pfftt, it didn’t work. So in my senior secondary school 1, i joined a music crew “EMB” then i decided I was going to go into the music industry after my first performance in school. A song with my Music crew “EMB”.


Question 3 : How would you describe your type of music?


Reply : I had always loved rap, maybe because the first musical piece i ever wrote was rap.  So then i fell in love with Trap too. And they both felt inseparable from me , so i decided to go with them both.  So basically my type of music is Rap/Trap because i feel that’s what I’m good at. At least better than other genres of music.


Question 4 : What inspires your music?


Reply : Hmm, Before i write a new song, most of the time it’s always because I’ve just listened to my favorite genre of music and it catches me too much, then i feel inspired to write a new song..

Likes of offset, Travis Scott.


Question 5 : How’s music been for you so far?


Reply : Omo, it’s been particularly picky. What i mean is almost everyone who cares about me, tells me to switch my type of music in order to attract a whole lot of people. In their wordings, “Nigeria isn’t ready for Rap.” So that has been an issue. Then generally i keep getting committed to music, no going back, nothing is gon bring me down lol.

So that’s that.


Question 6 : Apart from music is there anything you do?


Reply : It’s more of a hobby than anything really commercial. I write poems.


Question 7 : Who do you look up to in the music industry?


Reply : I look up to offset. He’s just a good reason I keep loving what i do. Erm, Dremo too lol.  He’s my favourite Nigerian rapper so yes i look up to dremo too and a few of other artistes like Travis Scott, post malone.


Question 8 : You’ve got a girlfriend or a secret crush?


Reply : Lol,  I’ve got no girlfriend or a secret crush. At least not anymore.


Question 9 : What are you working on currently?


Reply : A single!! And apologies because it was meant to have been released few weeks ago. But soon it’d be. Then my Ep coming up my summer. Trust me it’s lit!

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  1. Sophisticated responses bro. God bless and direct your music. #topboy #sickboy

  2. Wawuuuuuu never knew

  3. On temper!!!!!

  4. Tyeontemper! Nice Nice.
    Greater heights bro ✊

  5. Mad one bro. Big ups

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