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Interview With Dice ; CEO of Colossus Media

Daniel Nnaemeka, commonly known as Dice, is an upcoming nineteen year old, self made entrepreneur who dabbles into both event planning and media provision. He has established himself as a representative for the youths since 2016 and is soon to expand his business into formal functions such as weddings, corporate parties and the likes. We have him in our platform today for a brief interview on how he has managed to get this far in life in only three years.


Question 1: So Daniel, how did the idea to start your business come about?

Reply: It all started with the urge of trying to change my generation and me being a social lover and event enthusiast ,i had sleepless nights trying to put things together but i prayed and one night, God gave me a name and that’s how it started.


Question 2 : After the name “Colossus” , came to you , did you bother checking the meaning ?

Reply: Yes i did and when i saw what it meant,i knew God has placed me up for something great in the future.


Question 3: And what does it mean ?

Reply : Something/Somebody that is greatly admired or respected.


Question 4: Now you are mostly involved in youths events , how do you plan on expanding your business towards other areas ?

Reply: Well i have a wonderful team and this year , we want to take the media out of the country , so we have promo teams in the UK , London, Canada And South Africa , so its going to be a worldwide business in the coming years.


Question 5: In order to gain popularity, every business needs good promotion. But you started out as a youth event’s planner. How do you plan on adults taking you seriously?

Reply: I started out by being a youth events planner cos I feel  could connect to the youth more being one as well. Notwithstanding, the adults won’t be left out. We also run services for all ages.

Maybe you plan to organise your own party to show adults what you can do.

If we are given a chance to host or cover a big function, our clients wont regret it.


Question 6: At such a young age, how do you plan to balance your education with your business?

Reply: That’s a factor but i try to balance the both to suit my time.


Question 7: What was the very first event you planned or helped with?

Reply: Back in secondary school,i used to help out set parties in clubs but my first professional event was “LIFESTYLE AFRICA” which happened last year December. It was a mad one which over 400+ people came. Im grateful.


Question 8: How did you feel when your media was among the prestigious African awards?

Reply: I can’t express the joy i felt when i read the mail,for me its a big one and i felt honoured to be chosen among over thousands of media’s to cover and partner with Afrima 2017, Im grateful for 2017.


Question 9: How many gigs in a year do you get ?

Reply: 5 – 6 it really depends.


And there we have it , Thank you all for reading .

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