You recently recorded a track called nasty, you don’t seem to promote it , why ?

Reply: Well, i won’t say i didn’t have time but there was so much going in my life during the time nasty dropped. i tried my best though, shoutout to kinyels and everyone that helped in one way or the other. nasty has about 7k streams on soundcloud, thank you.

You’ve recently been on a low , or if i might say, socially dead, why?

Reply: sometimes i get in my feelings and i just want to watch, learn and plan. personally i believe life collects and gives, one thing in exchange for another thing. so let’s just say i needed alot of time to balance my priorities with my social life.

That being said , would like to tell us , what you’ve learnt so far ?

Reply: Oh well, it’s not necessary if im saying i have learnt this or learnt that, but it’s something you’ll see and hear. i am doing some program at oau apparently , that place has influenced my music in many ways.

Ohhh that’s fantastic, so how particularly has the institution influenced your music? As well as you as a person?

Reply: Haha, osun is very different. i don’t really want to go into details about how it has influenced me as a person but for my music, you’ll hear it.

Furthermore, you have a new song titled Farawe , could you give a brief description about the song?, also including your source of inspiration for the song?

Reply: farawé is an afro soul with some touches of alternative sounds. it’s pretty different from the regular dancehall majortunes. farawé means to compare. it’s a song assuring a girl that she can never be compared and she’s perfect. as for inspiration, i was texting my girl then i kept vibing to a beat then the whole thing just came in.

What more could you tell us about this song , like who produced it ,the release date ??, and also could you tell us if you have more projects on the way ?

Reply: farawé is a beautiful tune honestly, produced by collins, a very crazy individual lol. it’s gonna be out to the public October 19th.
i and fwfeyi cooked up something probably out this october too.

Sources say you’re the head of a group called Marybwoys, what’s it all about ?

Reply: i don’t see myself like a head or anything, we are a team. marybwoys is about music, art & fashion. we are doing a lot of underground stuff for now till we burst out.

So recently an artiste named versus joined your group, what could you say about the artiste?
Reply: Can’t lie i wish i could jump on wya , it’s too mad , and I think verusus is a very creative artiste with alot to offer, his lyrical content is very mad and relatable , still waiting on him to drop 6am every hustlers anthem!

Any other information you would like your fans to know before hand ?

Reply: Not at all , all I would say is Just watch out for Marybwoys

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